Purchasing Information

When Purchasing CBD:

Hempstead Farms has the consumer’s best interest in mind. Our stringent quality lab testing, clear labeling, and competitive pricing are just some of the reasons why we stand apart from the rest of the market, ensuring that everyone can afford high quality CBD oil from a trust source.

Here are a few tips to get on the right track!

Misleading Labels Have You Confused About CBD Products?

When shopping for a Hemp or CBD brand use these steps: Who, What, Where and How.

  • Pick a company and do some research to find the What, Where and How.
  • What: What exactly is in the product? What amount of CBD are you getting per serving?
  • Where: Where does it come from? Is it domestically grown or imported from another country?
  • How: How do they process their hemp? Do they use a solvent method or a critical co2 extraction method? Do they follow a “Good Manufacturing” process to ensure the quality of their products?

Hempstead Farms Stands Apart As a Trusted Source of High Quality CBD Products and Here's Why:

  •  Hempstead Farms uses only certified organic, Non-GMO Hemp. Farmed in Kentucky, U.S.A.
  • Hempstead Farms uses the whole hemp plant to achieve a full spectrum CBD product.
  • Hempstead Farms uses the cleanest and purest extraction method called Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction. By doing so, we protect our customers from any harmful carcinogenic solvents and at the same time are able achieve a high concentration of full spectrum CBD.
  • *Note* our full spectrum CBD contains less than .3% THC.
  • No dangerous bacteria or heavy metals. Pesticide free.
  • Hempstead Farms performs analytical third-party testing on all of our products, ensuring every component of our finished product is safe and pure.
    We confidently offer products of the highest quality; third-party lab tested and clearly displaying the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes contained within each package — proudly delivering the ultimate peace of mind.